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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

She Exists

She came today. The button fairy. I've been dreaming about her for years and she finally showed up.

Travel plans have been confirmed. Mrs. Crosby will be arriving on Saturday.

Now you know. This has been my secret for a very long time. Since September. And I have a very hard time with secrets. It's surprising that I was able to keep it this long.

We've been planning the booth since the yarn was first discussed. You can see all the shades together along with the five yarn bases on Mrs. Crosby's website.

If you are stopping by the store on Saturday, Cathy will have sample skeins of the different yarns for you to see.

Want to plan? I am adding the yarn on the website. You can't order yet but you can see the yardages and price.

Now it's time to knit. Beth is out so I can watch hockey in peace. She is the MC of our cousin's wedding on Saturday and needs to get her 'talk' finished. Yes, it's going to be a very busy day.


I just received word that Honey won't be here until the end of May.

The patterns look amazing. Kim always does great work!! You can start planning your summer vacation/sitting at the soccer field knitting.
Angie - Cotton Glace
Dylan - Handknit Cotton
Faye - Wool Cotton
Kiki - Kidsilk Haze
Sherry - Revive

Monday, April 21, 2014


Kim Hargreaves has a new book. It's not available in Canada yet, but I hope to have a delivery date for you in the next few days.

Yarns: Kidsilk Haze, Fine Lace, Panama, Cotton Glace, Softknit Cotton, Revive,
Pure Linen, Creative Linen, Wool Cotton, Handknit Cotton & All Seasons Cotton

Today was spent doing a lot of running around. I was out of the house at 8am and on my way to Toronto.

I needed bags for our Quest at TNNA. My hope was orange bags but when I got to the bag store I realized that they were too small. What to do? Take bigger bags in white. I came home, stopping at Staples to buy labels on the way and started printing.

Then a trip to the storage unit to see how everything was looking. My elf had all the trunks packed.

A conference call about TNNA then back to the storage locker to make kits. A couple more stops and I'm home. Now Beth and I are arguing having a discussion as to who is going to make dinner. I won. We're going out.

I have a few chores tonight.
-buttons - they still haven't been sewn on
-ends to sew in on two shawls
-signs for the booth
-knit on my scarf - I know it won't be done but I would like to have a chunk knit to show

I wasn't stressed until starting my list. It'll be OK. There are still 5 sleeps until the show.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

New Project

Happy Easter. I hope everyone is having a great day with family and/or friends. It is sunny out there but the temperature could go up a bit.

I caved and started something new last night. My first thought was this pattern.
Beth was going by the storage locker yesterday and I asked her to pick me up a couple of skeins of the merino/silk, dk weight yarn. We couldn't decide if the purple (wild huckleberry) and green (boston fern) had enough contrast so I asked her to bring vintage port as well.
The three colours worked very well together. You know what that means? A linen stitch scarf. One day I will make the Pine Bough Cowl.

It's time to make desert for tonight's dinner. While the cookies are in the oven I'm going to start sewing buttons on the the little girls cardigans. It's an unfortunate way to spend time on this great day. :)

The cookies are done but not the buttons. I worked on two other tasks. I sent yarn to Ann for a cowl but she had limited time to knit before heading on vacation. I finished up the cowl this afternoon and it is blocking. Then there is a shawl that Beth knit. She was whining while casting off so I said that I would do it. Normally my cast off is fine but this one was way too tight. Then I remembered Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Cast Off. Here is the video.

In case the video disappears (it's been happening lately) here is the link to it...

Have a great dinner. We'll be at Aunt Rene's feasting on turkey and watching the hockey. Does it get any better??

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Spring Colours

Saturday's colours. Makes me think of Easter and Spring.
There isn't much time until the Frolic so I'm sharing some advice and planning tips with you. These are from the Frolic coordinators
Tips to Make the Most of the Frolic
  • Exact change for the entrance fee is appreciated.
  • Bring cash and your credit card. There is no ATM on site. Note that a number of vendors will only accept cash.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. You will be walking, looking at booths, going away, and going back again – maybe several times.
  • There will be a cafĂ© serving coffee and light snacks on site. Take a break and enjoy yourself.
  • If you do not pick up your raffle prize(s) at the Frolic they will not be mailed except for gift certificates. You will be able to pick them up at DKC meetings on May 21 and June 18.
  • If you plan to purchase a number or raffle tickets make things easier and faster for yourself by printing your own labels with your name, telephone number and email address. This will save you time for more shopping.
  • Exact change is appreciated.
  • Limit of 2 prizes per person
Tips from me
- trust me, there is lots of yarn. If you don't like lines or crowds, wait until noon to come. There will still be lots for you to see. If booths sell out of something, most are more than willing to ship it to you after the show
- bring lunch with you. Then you don't have to stand in line.
- The Science Centre is very close to the Frolic. You can send your family for an outing and it will let you shop for a while.
- wear something that you have knit. It's always fun to see completed projects.
- if you see something you like, mark down the booth you saw it in. I can't tell you how many times we get frantic people at the end of the day because they forgot where they saw something
- go through your Ravelry library and make notes of yarn that you are interested in. If there is a certain pattern, print that pattern and bring it with you. Also bring information on the yarn. What it's made of. Tension. Yardage. That will make it easier for me and other booths to help you substitute. When you come in the store I can do it on the computer but we have limited Internet access at the show.
- please have patience.
- the Frolic isn't just for knitters. It is put on by a knitting guild - hence the name. Crocheters please come to the show. There is lots of fabulous yarns that you and your hooks will have fun working with.

Want to plan your route?
Here is the list of vendors...
The floor plan of the Japanese Cultural Centre...

I just love this photo from Offhand Designs. The bags are awesome but the picture is so springy and reminds me of an Easter Egg.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Dogs

What a beautiful day today. Roko was very excited to be outside and playing. It was the first day he has been allowed to play with a ball.

 Melo wanted in on the action too.

Friday's colours.
Last night was very late. Lots of overtime hockey. Guess what? Hockey's on again. I've been sewing in ends today. There are just a few more and then all our samples are ready for the Frolic.

8 more sleeps.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


My Clapotis in pashmina worsted. I'm into the third ball. Not sure if the three will be enough or if I will add in a fourth.

Earlier this week I was ready to set it aside because I felt like it wasn't growing. For some reason it hit me last night that it really is growing, and quickly, and I should keep going and get it done. Maybe in time to take to TNNA?

The yarn is so soft and great to work with.
It's not mine.

Kim started the Color Play Mohair Wrap. Now I really want to start one.

Kim finished her second Color Affection this week as well. She used tosh merino light in paper, antique lace and weathered frame.

She was very, very afraid of short rows and now that's she has done them she loves them.

 Today's colours.
I'm in the store watching hockey while Nadine is teaching. I'm glad that I watched the end of the game last night. There isn't anything better than overtime in a playoff game. Tonight there are 4 games. I'm going to be busy.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New bags

Something made me go to the Offhand Designs website and I'm glad that I did. There are new fabrics. And they're ready. Larisa just got the bags. She's doing her best to get them in the mail today and fingers crossed we will have them for the Frolic. I need these bags! They are awesome! I thought that I had enough bags but who are we kidding. Enough bags isn't in my vocabulary.

 Kazul Aurelia
Kazul Octavia
Arya Aurelia
 Arya Zeno
Arya Octavia

I carry my Arya every day to work. It's been my carry on bag a few times as well. I love the bag.
Today's colours of the super secret yarn.

The yarn arrived today. The box is HUGE. It is 4 feet tall. I wanted to cut it down but Beth wouldn't let me. I'm not sure what she's going to do with it. I have a feeling she might take it to her warehouse and make a fort with it. :)

The yarn is beautiful. I wanted to bring lots home with me but that would be greedy. I left it all. I'll pick mine after the Frolic.

Beth's yelling because Survivor has been taped and she wants to watch. I'm taking my time on purpose. Two things are taping upstairs which means that you can't watch regular TV. I want to watch the hockey game. If I take long enough down here writing then I can watch the end. It's been exciting so far.